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Yes, it is true! When we laugh, we change our physiologically, and the act of laughing makes people feel better. Everyone wants more of that. Explore the benefits of a good sense of humour, and how to put more laughter in your life.

It may seem impossible to get along well with everyone; especially those difficult personalities. David shares his insight about people’s behavior – helping you improve your personal interactions, making it easier to meet new friends and communicate better.

Do memory techniques really work? What about those brain-training programs claiming to enhance learning, memory and general well-being? Find out the truth and what is possible when it comes to training our brain. You will be amazed.

A fascinating look at the psychology of why people say “yes” – and how to apply these understandings so you can have more influence. David has helped thousands develop the skills of effective persuasion in business and personal life. You will be amazed how simple this can be.

This revealing talk will inspire you to regain control of any situation with confidence and strength. Getting organised is your starting point. It is welcome relief to discover proven methods other people use to transform stresses into calm. 

Would you like more confidence? What about more belief in yourself? Learn how to break through the obstacles that are holding you back. This is a skill that can be easily improved with just a few simple techniques. You may surprise yourself.

It's not what happens in life; but how you react! Learning to laugh more and finding “a good” in every situation helps, however this is a reaction that must be learnt. This breakthrough, is a road map to navigate recovery from any challenge and how to move forward with strength.

What does Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin have in common? Your body, of course. From mood swings, emotions and happiness, this storehouse of body chemicals has an influence. You will be fascinated what really goes on inside us.

How well balanced is your life? With such hectic daily demands, it is sometimes hard to achieve that balance we all need. David is known as “The Lifestyle Mentor” because of his ability to help others achieve the lifestyle of their choice. He shares his wisdom with passion.

The surest way to achieve anything is to follow the success of someone who has done it!. David is an International Best Selling Author on this topic and will share how surprisingly simple it is to apply some proven techniques to help achieve more in life.