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Our intensive business development training is ideal for startup or businesses seeking the next level of profitability. 


A select range of intensive courses, designed to enhance productivity. 


Lifestyle Enrichment Lectures, proven to be engaging and entertaining.

Success From What We DO NOT Do

  • We DO NOT: - Deliver training to unwilling participants. (Government and Corporate with surplus training budgets forced to spend are well catered for in the marketplace. No sad-face participants allowed).

  • We DO NOT: - Deliver fifty shades of sexy selling course titles. (Our select courses are condensed clustered topics of each subject and deliver real learning, without the padding).

  • We DO NOT: - Offer public course dates. (This avoids the common practice of bumping participants to another date when minimum numbers for that date cannot be booked).

  • We DO NOT: - Over contextualise content to a client’s wish list. (Our training has been refined with proven results. This makes it cost effective, and consistent).

  • We DO NOT: - Deliver VET STUDENT LOANS Diploma or Certificate studies. (We are specialist in Business and Professional Development training only).

  • We DO NOT: - Offer discounted bargain-price training. (Our fees reflect the high quality professional service that ensures value for money).

  • We DO NOT: - Display and splash our valued client’s brand logos. (In-fact, most of our high profile corporate clients prefer to remain anonymous retaining their competitive training advantage).

Because of these three steps...

1)  Participant’s readiness to receive new learning with an open mindset.
2)  Delivery of intensive, relevant clustered topics in each course.
3)  Encouragement to implement and master new skills over time.

1)   Clarifying the participant’s goals and motivation for learning.

2)   Intensive delivery of a cluster of related topics.

3)  Ongoing 12 month mentor program of tips and inspiration. 

  • Clustering topics delivers targeted intensive subject content.
  • Learning is easier by focusing only on the key elements.
  • Cost effective benefit of receiving several courses in one.
  • New learning skills are implemented over time.

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