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The Value of a Mentor

tn_iStock_000022185447XSmallWant to speed up your journey to success? If so, you need to understand the true value of a mentor. Consider this: you know what it is you want, and over here is someone who has already achieved the same, and is willing to help you. While none of us think logically all the time, there are times when common sense must prevail. This is one of those times.
Calculating the true value of a mentor is not rocket science. It is a proven fact that securing the help of a mentor is one of the fastest possible ways to achieve success in any endeavour. Allow me to illustrate the point. Did you know that Bill Gates has a mentor? He does, and it's none other than Warren Buffett: one of the greatest living stock market investors and, like Bill Gates, a multi-billionaire. What if Bill hadn't gotten any help from advisers and mentors, choosing to “go it alone?” It may have taken him another ten years of struggle to get where he is today; in fact, he may never have gotten there at all. In terms of a dollar amount, how much would that extra time have cost him? It would have been a huge amount.
Please don't get snagged on whether the mentor is going to charge you for his time, and how much it will cost. Most of our mentors have given us advice free of charge. We've all enjoyed unofficial mentors in our lives whose counsel has come free of charge: family, friends, teachers, guidance counsellors, and so on. The real question to consider is this: what is your time worth, calculated in future dollars? You need to consider what your future time value will be, not just what it is now. Additionally, you'll want to factor in the emotional value of a balanced, successful life. What is that worth to you?
When you consider these factors in their proper context, I predict you won't need a calculator. You'll probably come to the same conclusion I did; namely, that the true value of a mentor is “priceless.”
David Bunney - The Lifestyle Mentor™