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David Bunney founder ETCDavid Bunney has a driving passion for helping people reach their full potential and achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

An accomplished educator, speaker and mentor he is based in Perth, Western Australia. David completes ongoing formal business and professional study to remain on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation.

Through his travels, he facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, corporate clients and government agencies. His acclaimed unique style of delivering education based on real-life experience, includes the topics of professional development, business planning and marketing. David serves as a mentor to startup business owners, and is credited with countless success testimonials.

In his career, he has personally pioneered well over a dozen startup business ventures, spanning the industries of oil and gas, mining, hospitality, property development, e-commerce, technology, advertising, marketing, training and education.

These real-life experiences have contributed well to develop his “Startup Business Series” resources. He is an International Best Selling Author with his popular lifestyle/business book, "Success Leaves a Trail".

David is an active participant in community service with Rotary International. His tenacity and commitment have led to many accomplishments, earning him respect and admiration from the community and peers. He is particularly devoted to promoting youth leadership.

David’s primary focus as an educator and mentor reflects a personal and ongoing passion. Offering a warm blend of integrity and willingness to help others help themselves, he makes himself available to anyone who shares his passion, excitement, and vision for achieving success.

Further information about David Bunney, is available at www.DavidBunney.com